Molded pulp packaging
Who are we?
ˇńA team with many years experience of sourcing and manufacturing in China.
ˇńA team that has worked for leading international businesses who value design, quality and service
ˇńA team which includes the best technical support available in the pulp industry
We saw an opportunity:
ˇńto be on the front edge of a growing industry with an exciting future
ˇńto innovate in a format where others were just following
ˇńto work in an environmentally sound way
ˇńto apply the principles which we have always valued in partnersŁ¨but not always foundŁ©during our own sourcing work-open communication, reliability, flexibility and quality

It was in sourcing pulp molded products for a client that we realized the potential of pulp molded packaging from an environmental, design and an economic perspective. We also realized that, in China, very few pulp facilities were skilled in working with international customers. Our experience on both sides of the manufacturing fence means that we are well placed to understand and service that which is important to our customers.

Our visionˇ­and our strategy
ˇńTo work with innovative partners to find pulp molded solutions for packaging products in a stylish, effective and environmentally sound way.
ˇńWe are focused on flexibility, not commodity
ˇńWe will invest in opportunities to work with customers on design-led, value-enhancing projects when they arise, rather than build a high volume facility where infrastructure restricts innovation,
ˇńWe will strive to help customers experiment and try new ideas. We will be open about the challenges where we see them and ensure that we are transparent on things and costs throughout.
ˇń We will use our sourcing capabilities and extend our services beyond pulp molded products where this is of value to our clients, This team has a long history of working with Western companies to source and ship a wide range of products.
ˇńWe will re-invest in our facility to improve our sustainability credentials and ensure that our customers have confidence that they are working with the leading supplier in the industry on environmental thinking.
Molded pulp packaging
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