We are having two production systems for the pulp molding production which they could be suitable for different quality demand.
The Dry press The Wet Press
Making Pulp

Mainly using the raw material of sugar cane, bamboo, wheat or reed pulp. It is fed via a hopper into pulping pools. By only adding water, the raw material becomes a pulp and reaches the right consistency as it moves towards the forming machines.
Forming the molded product    
The mixed pulp is fed into the forming machines. The combination of gravity and a vacuum-generated by an external machine-evict the water, leaving the pulp to form around the side of the tool. Then further vacuum suction helps bind the fiber, giving the products initial shapes. The formed product is then emitted from the tool and put on stainless steel mesh tray to be moved for drying.
Drying the products

The formed product will contain large amounts of water and needs to be dried in the mould. The formed product is transferred to the hot press machine. At the tip of its cycle, the male part of the tool presses into a female part where initial shape products which kept onto the stainless steel mesh. Due to the stainless steel mesh its flexible and breathable function, the product then dried, and get the right and accuracy shape.
Cutting Treatment

Cutting treatment would be needed so that the edge it is tidy and neat. For some special holes on the product, it is even need special made mould then together with the knife.
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